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Centrifugal Compressor

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Rotor system critical speed analysis is the theory of safety operation of compressor.,incestfan

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sexcy videos, Analyze various vibration modes of impeller under high speed rotating state, and adjust relevant design parameters to avoid resonance, ensure stable operation and work of the compressor.

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porn imeges, Use the professional designing tool, the impeller strength analysis, and the selection of different materials and structures, the impeller is safe loaded which ensure the long life and stable operation of itself.

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tnaflicks, Through CFD calculation and analysis of the basic model, the shape and collocation of blade, diffuser and scroll are optimized, and the aerodynamic design is constantly improved to achieve higher efficiency and wider turndown range.

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  • Standard 12〞touch screen, all parameters of the compressor can be viewed on it, easy to operate;
  • Standard Siemens PLC, automatic dual mode + constant voltage control mode can be switched locally and remotely to ensure safe and stable operation;
  • Automatic remind when the faults occur or maintenance is needed;
  • Historical data can be viewed locally and remotely.

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retro xxx, Generally, the larger volume, the higher efficiency. One centrifuge can save about 20% energy when replacing several small screws.

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sex on sofa, Use centrifuge to replace many screw machines, save maintenance cost & time and site area.

Centrifugal Compressor Technical Parameters:

grosse bite,Note: We have renamed our centrifugal compressors series from DHC to DAC, and this change will not affect technical sheet.

Model Working Pressure Capacity(FAD) Motor Power Dimensions(mm) Weight
bar(e) psig m³/min cfm kW Hp L W H Kg
DAC50 0.6-9 8.7-130.5 50-70 1766.38-2472.93 300-450 400-600 3280 1850 2200 6300
DAC100 0.6-9 8.7-130.5 70-130 2472.93-4592.59 400-640 530-900 3800 2000 2250 8160
DAC150 0.6-12 8.7-174 120-160 4239.42-5652.42 630-800 840-1200 4200 2150 2350 11500
DAC200 0.6-16 8.7-232 160-230 5652.42-8125.36 760-1120 1010-1750 4200 2150 2350 12000
DAC300 0.6-16 8.7-232 230-330 8125.36-11658.12 980-1600 1320-2150 4600 2200 2500 17200
DAC400 0.6-16 8.7-232 330-440 11658.12-15544.16 1380-2250 1840-3000 5300 2300 2970 21500
DAC500 0.6-25 8.7-362.5 350-580 12364.67-20490.03 1800-2850 2400-3800 6000 4500 3500 40000
DAC700 0.6-25 8.7-362.5 530-900 18723.65-31794.87 2700-4500 3600-6000 8500 4200 4200 45000
DAC900 0.6-25 8.7-362.5 850-1500 30028.49-52991.45 4200-9000 5600-12100 12000 5000 5300 65000

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email: or send your inquiry in the form below.we will reply you within 24 hours.

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